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Country Caboose LLC

Wedding Chapel & Railroad Museum

Country Caboose Wedding Chapel General Information

Country Caboose Wedding Chapel LLC Accommodations
    - The Caboose can seat up to 28 people in with a small aisle and two seats on each side of the

    - The interior will be decorated in basic white and will be accented by the color of the couple's

      choice, selected from our color options available
    - Music of the couple’s choice, selected from our music options, shall be played preceding the   

       start of the ceremony
    - The ceremony will be held INSIDE a real railroad caboose.  Please keep in mind that while the
        building itself is wheelchair accessible, the caboose may not be accessible to all.  The door in to
        the caboose is only 26” wide and cannot be adapted.  
    - If needed, the passenger car may be used as a dressing room for the bride.  Ladies need to arrive

        with their hair and makeup already done.  Gentlemen need to arrive in their attire, if possible. 
    - There is plenty of parking available in front of the Country Caboose Wedding Chapel LLC.

       Those needing to use the wheelchair ramp should park on the south end of the caboose as the

        ramp goes up the back side of the caboose into the back door of the building.

Country Caboose Wedding Chapel LLC Rules
    - Well behaved children with their parents or guardians are always welcome.  Running around

         inside or outside will not be tolerated for the safety of the children and other guests!
    - The wedding party and their guests need to be mindful and courteous to others here at the

         facility.  We ask that you please treat our Chapel with the same reverence and respect that you

         would give your place of worship.
    - The Country Caboose Wedding Chapel LLC assumes no liability for injury resulting from

         horseplay inside or outside on the grounds of the facility.  The contracting party is responsible

         for any physical damages that occur as a result of your guests or wedding party.
    - The Country Caboose Wedding Chapel LLC assumes no liability for the theft of personal

        belongings occurring anywhere on the grounds of the facility.
    - There is NO SMOKING inside the Country Caboose Wedding Chapel LLC.  Guests may smoke

        on the deck in front of the caboose away from the front door.
    - There is NO TOBACCO use allowed anywhere on the grounds of the Country Caboose Wedding
        Chapel LLC.  This is for sanitary reasons and safety for all.
    - There is NO ALCOHOL allowed anywhere on the grounds of the Country Caboose Wedding

        Chapel LLC.  This is for the safety of our visitors, guests, and the wedding party.  No private

        party may bring alcohol anywhere on to the facility grounds.

    - There is absolutely no tolerance for illegal substances anywhere on the Country Caboose

        Wedding Chapel LLC grounds!
    - While we are conceal carry permit holders ourselves, we would prefer that you leave guns and
        weapons at home or, at the very least, in your locked car.
    - Please do not throw rice or birdseed anywhere on the Country Caboose Wedding Chapel LLC

        grounds.  Bubbles are very welcome to be used outdoors.
    - All photographs taken by the Country Caboose Wedding Chapel LLC will remain the creative
        property of the Country Caboose Wedding Chapel LLC.  Based on your package, some of the
        printed images will be provided to you in a 4x6 image size.  Additional photographs in various
        sizes may be securely purchased through our online catalog.  If you have specific photos that

        you would like to have taken, please be sure to let the photographer know.  Digital images will

        not be given to anyone in the party.  The couple will be asked to sign a release form

        which will allow the Country Caboose Wedding Chapel LLC to share those images on their

        web site, Facebook page, other social media, and in print form for prospective clients to browse.
    - Guests MAY take photographs before, during, and after the wedding ceremony, but are asked

        please DO NOT USE FLASH!!!  Flashes from cell phones and other cameras may interfere with

        the professional photographer’s camera equipment resulting in poor image quality for the

        bridal couple.  
    - No food or drink will be allowed inside the Caboose.

Country Caboose Wedding Chapel Wedding LLC Party Information
    - A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking and becomes non-refundable at 30 days before

         the ceremony or if the ceremony date is changed by the wedding party.
    - Deposits are not transferable to another couple.
    - The remaining balance is due ABSOLUTELY NO LESS than 15 days before the ceremony.
    - Ceremonies booked in less than 30 days before the ceremony date will be required to be paid in

         full at the time of booking.  No refunds will be given.
    - One reschedule will be allowed at no additional charge with deposits and payments being

         applied to the new date.  Additional reschedules will incur a $75 rescheduling fee.  Reschedule

         dates will be chosen based on availability.
    - Only in the case of EXTREME conditions will a scheduled ceremony be canceled, postponed, or
        rescheduled by the Country Caboose Wedding Chapel LLC.  The bridal party will be notified as
        soon as possible under these conditions.
    - Cancellations by the bridal party require at least a 30 day written notice in order to receive any

        part of the deposit refund.  Cancellations by the bridal party made within 30 days or less of the
        ceremony date will receive no deposit refunds.
    - Downgrades in packages will not be allowed within 30 days of your scheduled date.
    - Upgrades in packages will be allowed based on availability and upon the receipt of the

         additional deposit of the difference in package prices.
    - The bride may use the passenger car as a changing area if needed.  Please arrive with hair and

         makeup done.  Gentlemen need to come dressed for the ceremony. 
    - The bridal couple MUST BRING their marriage license and valid photo ID in order for us to

         perform a legally binding ceremony.  The ceremony will NOT take place without it!!!
    - The Country Caboose Wedding Chapel LLC is non-denominational and we welcome all faiths.

        Your service will be officiated by our minister and personalized to fit your needs and desires as

         much as possible.  This is included in all packages.
    - The officiant’s service charge is included in all packages, although tipping is acceptable.

Weddings are scheduled for a very specific time and date.  The bridal party will have access to the Country Caboose Wedding Chapel LLC up to thirty minutes before their ceremony time in order to dress and to allow for the arrival of their guests.  Couples MUST arrive on time!!!  This space has been reserved exclusively for your use for the amount of time designated.  There may be other wedding scheduled immediately before and/or after yours, therefore we will be stringently adhering to the time schedule!  If your ceremony starts late, it WILL END at its originally scheduled time!

There will be a premium charge of 50% of the package price for weddings booked at any time on the following Holidays - New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, or Halloween.  There will be no weddings booked on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  No weddings will be performed any evening after 9:30 pm to 9:00 am the following morning.

Additional services available -

__________ Unity Candle - $25 - you get to take home the unity candle

__________ Sand Ceremony Glass Cylinder - $25 - you get to take home the sand-filled cylinder

__________ Additional photographs from your ceremony - $25 for 10  4x6 prints printed on site

__________ Witnesses - $25 each - Two witnesses over the age of 18 are needed for every wedding.  We have to make arrangements to have witnesses on hand for your service, if you do not bring your own.

We are pet lovers!  With advanced arrangements, you MAY include your pet in your ceremony!  They MUST be friendly pets and MUST have all of their current shots (proof from your vet will be required).  There will be an additional $100 pet deposit required that will be refunded to you following the ceremony provided that your pet(s) have not caused any physical damage to the facility - indoors or outdoors.  You MUST be sure that your guests know that your pets are participating in your ceremony in case you have guests who are afraid of pets.
__________ Pet deposit - $100

Our officiant and photographer are included with all packages.  There will be no discount on the package if you hire outside personnel to perform these services.  Additionally, you will be responsible for paying for their services yourself as their services will not be included with our packages.  If you need witnesses for your wedding service, we can provide them for an additional $25 per witness needed.

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